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SETAC Symposium

- Application of Weight of Evidence Approaches for Chemical Management

The SETAC International Program Committee (IPC) and the SETAC Asia Pacific (SAP) Geographic Unit are hosting a Symposium entitled "Application of Weight of Evidence Approaches for Chemical Management” as part of the 2018 SETAC Asia-Pacific Conference which will take place on September 16, 2018 in Daegu, South Korea.


Effective risk assessment frameworks for sound decision making in chemical management are crucial for safeguarding the environment in a way that is consistent with encouraging technological innovation and economic development. During the 2016 SETAC A-P Conference in Singapore, the SETAC International Program Committee and SETAC A-P established the “Symposium on Chemicals Risk Assessment Approach and Needs for the Asia-Pacific Region” (refer to the Globe article and symposium report:
http://globe.setac.org/2017/october/cra-asia-pacific.html; https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.setac.org/resource/resmgr/store/Asia-Pacific-Symposium-Sumar.pdf ).
The symposium invited governmental experts from the region to share the chemical risk assessment and management approaches, and the SETAC experts shared best practices. In conclusion, key topics and needs were identified for further outreach and development by SETAC’s balance d and objective scientific interests of government, academia and business, to support policy and decision making on regulatory management of chemicals. With the “Weight of Evidence (WoE) approach in ecological risk assessment” being a key opportunity area, SETAC IPC and SAP will hold the Symposium on Weight of Evidence (WoE) for Chemical Management during the 2018 SAP conference.

This 1-day WoE Symposium is intended to further engage the SETAC experts with the governmental experts in the region to immerse themselves in the framework and application for WoE in chemical management. Key topics for the Symposium are outlined below.

  1. Explain the concept and application of WoE for risk assessment specifically for chemical management purposes. Process on scenarios with difference tiers of hazard/exposure data and information, and availability/quality/uncertainty will be elaborated.
  2. Provide case studies to illustrate how WoE process is followed on different scenarios and tiers for regulatory chemical risk assessment. Case studies will cover the role/application WoE for the current regulatory schemes (EU REACH, US EPA, Australia, Canadian EPA), covering chemical risk assessment, bioaccumulation assessment, classification and labeling, and environmental impact assessment.
  3. Discussion amongst governmental risk assessment experts from the region (Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Vietnam), and SETAC WoE experts on current and future application in Asia, with focus on considerations and links of regulatory, exposure and biological relevances to decision making for different schemes and developmental stages of country chemical management in the region.
  4. Broad brainstorming and inputs via formal break-out groups to define key position, principles and criteria for sound application of WoE for chemical management schemes in the region, and identify questions and opportunities that SETAC could take on for further capacity/capability building.
Consistent with SETAC’s mission, the symposium will have active participation from scientists in industry, government, and the academic community.

Draft Program (details and venue to be shared)

Time Title
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
Session I: Weight of Evidence (WOE) Approaches and Best Practices
8:35 WOE approaches and introduction and overview
9:25 Application of WOE framework for regulatory decision making
10:05 Q&A
10:30 Break
Session II: Case Studies
10:45 Case study 1: WOE in chemical risk assessment for chemical management
11:10 Case study 2: WOE in chemical classification and labelling
11:35 Case study 3: WOE in environmental impact assessment
12:00 Case study 4: WOE for bioaccumulation assessment
12:25 - 13:25   Lunch
Session III: Facilitate panel discussion on application in Asia
13:25 Overview on consideration and application of WOE in Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam
14:05 Panel discussion on Regulatory, Exposure, and Biological relevance to decision making in different stages of Chemical Management schemes in Asia Pacific
14:35 Q&A
15:20 – 15:35   Tea break
15:35 Workgroup discussion
16:45 Workgroup discussion Summary
17:20 Symposium adjourns

Symposium Registration

All attendees will be required to register and pay applicable fee (refer to Registration Fee below) to attend the Symposium at the link (http://www.setac-ap2018.org/index.php?gt=regi/regi02).

Registration is by invitation only until July 23, when it will be open for all until the maximum capacity is reached.

Registration fee

  • Registration is free for all registered attendees to the SETAC Asia Pacific Meeting
  • For attendee to the WoE symposium only, a registration fee of US$ 60 (paid via registration)