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Visa Information

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Immigration Bureau

Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and obtain a Korean visa before coming. However, people of 99 countries who want to visit Korea temporarily are permitted to enter without a visa according to visa-exemption agreements, or in accordance with principles reciprocity of national interest.

Countries Under Visa Waiver Agreement

The 104 countries listed on the website linked below, in addition to Mozambique, which was added in February 2017, are under a Visa Waiver Agreement with Korea. Depending on nationality and passport type, citizens from these 105 countries can visit Korea with the purpose of tourism without a visa for 30 to 90 days.

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Official Invitation Request

  • In order to request the documents required for a visa application, please register first yourself for SETAC-AP 2018.
  • Please log into with your account below and then proceed request.
  • You may receive invitation letter in pdf version on “my page” menu around a week after your application. Please make sure to provide information.